Meet Us

How it began

We are two crazy, fun loving girls from Aotearoa, more commonly known as New Zealand.  We both share passion for the outdoors, adventure and the love of animals.  

Our paths first crossed when our Zumba group organised a road trip to Queenstown for a marathon. Kerry entered the half and Toni entered the 10km walk. On this trip, we bonded over our love of punk music, sarcasm and sense of humour. As they say,

 the rest is history.

We both had a rough 2015 suffering from depression and anxiety and it broke both of us respectively. It pulled us down but we got through it with the help of each other, friends and family. And of course being outdoors. As a middle finger salute to our mental illnesses we wanted to start living, rather than just existing, as we both felt we had been for a long time. Both of us had been overseas, but it was the typical 10 day holiday staying in hotels. We wanted to do more! We wanted to see more! We wanted to be more!

In 2017 we sold most of our stuff and headed off to travel Southeast Asia for four months. We are currently living in South Korea.



Who are the Kiwi Wanderers?



Kia ora, I am Kerry, the funnier half of the dynamic duo, ‘the Kiwi Wanderers’ who loves a good (or bad) pun!  

I am a teacher and have been teaching for ALONG time, and I love it! Pokemon Go is an addiction of mine, and I have played it in all the countries we have traveled to so far. I have to catch ‘em all! Staying fit is important to me, whether that is through Zumba, running or hiking. One thing I missed most while backpacking was cooking, as I try to cook often and from scratch. Love Pinterest! 

Why I love to travel 

Apart from the cliche reasons, I think the reason I love traveling is, it allows me opportunities and insight how other people  live and what makes us different.


Hi, I’m Toni, and if Kerry is the funnier one then I must be better looking, right? I went to university for a year and a half after high school, realised that it wasn’t for me and left halfway through my degree. Now I am studying Early Childhood Education via correspondence. I love working with children. I love their happiness, and seeing the world from their perspective. It also means I never have to really grow up! I love food, music, and Pokemon Go.

Why I love to travel 

At some point during my teenage years I realised that the life that society expects you to live was not going to work for me. There’s a whole world out there to explore! I love visiting new places and learning about new cultures. When i stay in one place for too long I tend to get itchy feet.